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Want to be persistent without being pushy?



Get Instant Access to the Persuasive Selling Masterclass for only $47! 

Yes!  I’m ready to master persuasive selling and bring in sales from my network that were right under my nose the whole time . . .

I understand that when I act now, I get instant access to the Persuasive Selling Masterclass, including:

✅  What the 80/20 Rule means for Originations

✅  How to leverage Psychology Strategies for Success

✅  Psychology tactics you can execute for immediate results

✅  How to persuade prospects

✅  Making this second nature in the shortest amount of time possible

I Also Understand that When I ACT NOW, I also get …

✅   Persuasive Selling Masterclass Checklist

✅   5 Video Lessons

✅   9 Worksheets

✅  The 5 Proven Methods to Grow and Differentiate Your Law Practice Cheat Sheet

✅   The 5 Proven Methods Bonus Video

If you purchase this training at any other time, it could cost as much as $297.  This product is only offered at this drastically discounted price, for a limited time.  

Why?  I want you to get started immediately on increasing your originations.

Not having a big book of business is what keeps all the lawyers I know and work with awake at night, so I want to help jumpstart your success.

Today you can get the Persuasive Selling Masterclass for $47

Get Instant Access to the Persuasive Selling Masterclass for only $47! 

Click here or the button above to get instant access to this training right now.

To Your Success,

Diahann Boock and The KontakTid Koaching Team

P.S.  Every minute you wait is another minute you are leaving tons of money on the table.  Why?  Because the training is actionable.  When you finish the course you can put the tools to work and secure your next matter.  Simple as that.